Kept is the Save Button for your Internet

Kept is the private, fast, and easy way to save what you like on the Web  


A free, private, and personal archive that works seamlessly across all your devices. 

Get your own private archive where you can keep links or full backups of the things you find on the internet without being tracked or monitored by advertising technology.

Backup in the cloud 

With both browser support and mobile device support you can save and view from any device  

Auto & Custom Categories 

We can categorize everything for you, or you can help by adding your own custom categories.  

Quick Sharing 

Let's face it, a lot of the time you just want to share what you have read. Kept makes it really easy.  

Easy Search & Filtering 

Once you save your pages, we make it simple to find what you are looking for.

Simple One-Click Save 

No matter how you save, your records are private unless you say otherwise.  

Universal Access 

With participating sites, you can see the articles you saved there.

Most Importantly: Secure & Private 

Kept's model is simple.

We leave the invasive tracking to the mega-platforms Its become abundantly clear in past years that most web users don't want to be 'tracked and monetized' at current levels. Now that we are all acutely aware of just how much of our online activity is tracked, saved, and resold, each of us need products that align with our desire for consumer privacy.

We built something that's simple to use, not built into a browser, and purposefully doesn't use a Facebook or Google login. This way users like you and the independent publishers that work so hard delivering quality content can enjoy the independent web without handing your data to tech giants sitting in the middle to capture data.

Accordingly, Kept offers two versions aligned with this mission:

  • FREE: The free version is paid for by in app promoted content and email newsletters. Kept doesn't use annoying (and controversial) ad technology to track individual behavior. Our technology analyzes pages saved and recommends other content that's relevant. Sometimes other parties pay to make these receommendations. All recommendations are clearly marked.
  • PAID: If you want to go ad free, you can pay our small monthly fee and gain access to additional features like full content backups of each page and the ability to make notes on all of the items you keep.

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Save any web page you like from any device. Privately, effortlessly, and without being tracked

Kept is private, one-click saving of anything you read on the web. We then do some "big data stuff" to categorize, organize and make your stuff is easily searchable and shareable from anywhere. ‍ If you are tired of trying to remember "that site" or can't find "that article", join Kept today ... we'll save your web and do it without compromising your security and privacy