Everything you need to remember, share and organize your web. 


Save any page on the web with one click

Imagine being able to remember every article you read on the internet. Just “Keep It” and we save, organize, categorize, facilitate sharing, and put your saved pages to work for you…all with almost no effort from you.



Remember anything via your own cloud-based back up of your version of the web.

You’ll have simple and fast access to everything you keep — we keep the time, location, device, categories and a host of other stuff so you can quickly find what you are looking for from a personal archive of your web.


Simple sharing of the stuff you like.

Share pages with friends, groups, social networks or share your saves into a workflow*



Sleep better when you know your web is safely kept.

You need an empty, distraction-free head to be productive in today’s always-connected world. When you rely on a safe system to keep important pages, your mind is clear and you are at your best.