We are the company that's going to put you back in control of your user relationships and your user data.

Kept was built by people who intimately know the pain of the modern digital publisher in the platform age. With Kept, Publishers:

    •    Capture direct relationships with users
    •    Capture & control hi-fidelity user dat
    •    Increase site loyalty
    •    Drive return traffIc
    •    Control your data

As a result, Kept provides independent digital publishers with the ability to control their data and destiny. 

To learn more how to engage & monetize your users better, please contact us.

We exist to help the independent publisher ecosystem thrive again

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“Long-term, publishers will be disintermediated because they don’t have a direct relationship with the client and their audience is a commodity, as far as Facebook is concerned, it’s just eyeballs.” 
— Mike Caprio, programmatic GM at Sizmek