Making Kept part of your Apple iOS smartphone or tablet's home page

Want faster access to your archive? Get the Kept icon on your iPhone and iPad homepage.

To get the Kept app icon to show up on your iOS smartphone or tablet home page, do the following:

1. Open up your home page on your iOS device:

2. Click on the "Share" icon: 


3. On the resulting screen, click the "Add to Home Screen" button:


Then simply click "Add":


You are done! Got an Android device, too? Read this.

More on the "right to be forgotten"...


Just when you thought the hyperbole was over regarding the EU law, we read in the Wall Street Journal a few days back that Google has processed as many as 91,000 of these take downs. While Google is doing what it is told, they are clearly taking an aggressive stance with compliance to garner attention for this matter. No matter what side of the issue you are on, its a good idea to prevent loss of this information form web page take downs by saving your web!

Consider this our public service announcement: SAVE YOUR WEB before they take it down. Use Kept today...

Two simple online security precautions everyone should take


With hackers and identity thieves rampant online, a clean computer is a safer computer

There's an issue we have been reading a lot about recently that we all need to pay attention to. The incidence of identity theft and the nefarious hacking of everyday users has risen drastically in the last 2 years.

Both can greatly disrupt your life. Here are a couple quick things you can do to mitigate risk:

  1. Delete your browser history: if you ever get hacked, thieves can learn a lot about you from your browser history. If you delete your history every once and a while there will be less personal data to exploit. (Before you delete your site history, make sure you use a tool like Keptr to backup the pages you want to save for future use). 
  2. Use a password manager: to make sure you don't leave passwords to sites and online services stored in an unstructured and insecure way, we highly recommend a password manager like 1Password and a similar product for this purpose called, Keeper. Use of these products will prevent this vital information from failing into a hackers hands and mis-used for identity theft. For more information on other options, this is a good read.

Because security is a big issue, we bet you have a lot of other tips. Feel free to share them below!