Introducing Kept's New Desktop Search Feature

We are happy to announce a new and simple feature that makes finding your Kept articles much faster using your current search behavior.

You can now use your Chrome browser search box to search the items you save to your Kept archive. Its really simple -- check out the video below:

Heres how:

  1. Type "k" then the tab key into the Chrome Omnibox where you usually enter your search terms.
  2. After  you hit "tab" enter your search term. 
  3. As you complete the search term you'll see articles from your Kept Archive populate the dropdown
  4. Select the article you are looking for and you'll head directly to it
  5. You are done!

The only thing you need to do is install the Kept Chrome Extension by clicking here. Using Kept Chrome extension enables you to save to your Kept Archive with a single click in your browser bar. For more information, click here.